Other Randomness


I wrote this in response to a 100 Word Challenge from Thin Spiral Notebook, but did not get it posted in time to link up.  But, it was fun, so I’m throwing it up anyway.  The prompt was eyes.


I sit in the growing darkness, running low on batteries.  Who knows if the power grid will get fixed.  Hell, it’s been two weeks since I even saw another living human being.  Bodies galore, though.

Tonight, I have been caught out in the open.  The stupid truck ran out of gas on me.  Now I sit praying the feeble fire I have managed to coax into existence will keep the eyes at bay when the flashlight dies.  They come out of the night.  No one knows what they look like.  Attack survivors are non-existent.

Now I see them.  Staring.  Hungry.



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