Random Sunday

Vacations, That Mom, and Graphics


aircraft-1362586Why is getting ready for a vacation so much work? Vacations are supposed to be fun after all. As you may have guessed, my vacation is coming up soon and I’m scrambling trying to be ready. Laundry is going as I type, suitcases and piles of stuff are scattered in the living room, lists of what to pack are still being added to. Man, talk about nuts. Is it just me? Do any of you feel that way about vacations? Don’t get me wrong, I love going on vacation. It’s the whole leading up to the vacation that is wearing me out at the moment. It would help if work wasn’t nuts at the same time.

That Mom

Yes. I am that mom. You know, the mom of the dirty child. The one who stands there shaking her head while her child gets into yet another source of innocent mischief. The child who as often as not has something spilled, wiped, droppedmother-589730, or otherwise messed up on their clothes. Before I go any further with this, please understand I am not in any way criticizing or condemning any mother out there. Being a mother is challenging enough—I will not add to it by judging someone else for their choices. This is just my experience. And, yep, my son is dirty more often than not. And he has a blast learning about his world in the process of getting dirty. I figure a dirty boy is a happy boy because he got to get in and explore things. And I love it.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there regardless of who or where your babies are. I get this may not be the easiest day for some, but remember I see you and understand the joys, frustrations, and sorrows of it all.


I’ve been having fun playing with graphics lately. I know all my degrees are in psychology and I know little about the rules of good graphic design, but I’m having some fun with it none the less. One thing I am discovering along the way is there are a ton of good resources around to use in messing around with graphics stuff. I think having a workplace-2230698good program in which to work is important in having decent looking results, but after that I’ve been able to find several good resources—with generous help from some friends who are graphic designers. Would you be interested in having a list of these resources? I could start a page here on my blog to have a list of them if people wanted.

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