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Finding Balance Between Action and Romance

I’ve got a great guest post from author Barbara Tyree. Her new novel, Dangerous DL quote twitter.pngLiaisons, just released earlier this month. The book is an action packed ride with danger, mystery, and some romance along the way. So, here it is.

Finding Balance Between Action and Romance

Have you ever read a book that was filled with so much sex, romance it kept you from finishing the book? Perhaps when you bought the book you didn’t realize what genre you had chosen – or the blurb on the back of the book sounded interesting until you began reading only to find out differently. That has happened to me on occasion, usually I muddle through completely the book trying to give it a chance; to give the author a chance however, there’s been the rare occasion when I’ve had to stop and find a more interesting novel.

As a writer, I’ve been asked how I go about writing my love scenes and my action scenes; for Dangerous Liaisons there were a lot of action scenes. I purposely didn’t write too many love scenes for Sierra because she was working undercover and shouldn’t be distracted, and she was conflicted. For her I did a slow build-up. There was obvious sexual tension between Sierra Lancaster and Johnny Nelson, she still wanted him although she wouldn’t admit it and Johnny, never one to be shy, he wanted Sierra.

dangerous liaison ebook.jpg

The character of Johnny Nelson oozes sex appeal. He’s eye candy for women – over six feet tall, gorgeous eyes. Sierra Lancaster is a hot babe, not what Johnny Nelson expected from when he last saw her; time changed her – perhaps it’s the fact she stays in shape due to her job.

The flames remain on a low boil between the two, simmering until finally reaching a boiling point and… my dear friends, you will have to read the book!

Happy Reading,


Here’s the links to buy Dangerous Liaisons:

Kindle          Paperback          Smashwords          Draft 2 Digital


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