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Blog Tour: Clay and Blood by Rebekah Jonsey

I have some cool news for you today!!! Rebekah Jonsey’s next Mab’s Doll book is coming out!!! Trust me, this is a cool series to be reading. I’m particularly excited about Clay and Blood because she used part of one of my poems from Scath Oran in this book. I’ve read that scene and Rebekah definitely has a mind for twisted dark fantasy horror. Here’s the blurb and a teaser.

Clay and Blood

Gillian Gilchrist has no time to rest after completing her first missions for Queen Mab Clay and Blood square 2 (Instagram)and the goddess Danu. There is still the cleanup to do, and that’s how she finds herself following the trail of devastation left by a rogue fae.

Somehow this one moves through the trees without leaving any trace of its passing, except for the tattered and bloody clothing of its victims.

In the dark woods Gillian can’t tell if the culprit she is tracking is insane, sick, or simply acting out its true nature, but she knows that the only way to find out is to track it, capture it, and question it.

Unfortunately, that means following the scent of the victim’s blood soaked into the soil.

Clay and Blood SQUIRREL

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