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Author Interview: Stephanie Ayers

I’ve got another treat for you today. Author Stephanie Ayers stopped by and chatted for a 41257801_537619226691500_7410917420153438208_nwhile. She’s got a new book out, The 13 Tales of Macabre. Join us for a bit and then check out her new book!

What should we know about you?

I am a speculative fiction author who writes by the seat of my pants. I am a coffee guzzling, word whispering creative ninja and unicorn disguised as a human. I have 8 children, 9 grandchildren, 4 furbabies, and 1 husband. Writing horror is my guilty pleasure, but I’m getting ready to break into the world of fantasy soon. My favorite pastime is window shopping, flea marketing, and yard saleing. I collect coffee mugs, unicorns, dragons, and fairies. And I’m only a little crazy and a whole lot weird.

Music and writing, how does it work for you?

Well, it helped me finish up a couple of stories for The 13: Tales of Macabre. Another of the stories within was written to a specific song that played on loop as i wrote it. If you know the song, you’ll catch the reference. Most of my writing is done without music.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Andy Peloquin, Stephen King, Kristin Hannah, Cornelia Funke, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Tolkien

What is the weirdest compliment you’ve ever been given?

Compliments go in one ear and out the other. Nothing sticks out in my brain.

If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere with no hope of rescue for at least 2 weeks, what 3 things would you make sure to have with you?

My phone, water, umbrella. My phone has a book app so I wouldn’t get bored. Water will The 13 Macabre Clowns.pngkeep me alive. Umbrella will help guard me from the elements.

Inspirations and ideas—where do you find them?

Everywhere. In the shower. Driving (that’s as dangerous as texting while driving sometimes!). Sleeping. News. TV. Other books. Especially other books. They don’t  give me ideas, but they inspire my writing.

What’s your favorite part about writing? Least favorite?

Favorite part… watching the characters come to life and grow into viable people under my fingertips. Least favorite? Waiting for the book to be finished and my betas getting back to me.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done that you’re willing to share with us?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you so… are you sure you want to share the same fate as most of my characters in my horror novels?

If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Tribba from Elven Games. She is just my favorite character of mine ever. She’s sassy, smart, insecure, and has a big heart. Other fictional characters? Dustfinger from Inkheart. He’s so sad yet so kind despite himself. I would say I have always had a little bit of a crush on him. He’s a great anti-hero.

What is the one piece of advice you would want all aspiring authors to know?

Don’t quit. Even when you’re frustrated and nothing seems to work out, keep

The 13 Macabre_ phoenix (1).png

at it. Someday it will happen. There are too many of us out there proving that theory right.

Anything else you want to share with us?

I had planned to self publish Elven Games, but now I’m considering querying publishers again. Since I don’t know what I’m doing, the best way for you to find it is to join my street team or subscribe to my newsletter.

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