Random Sunday

Swimming, Sportsmanship, and Dry Skin


Yep. I have a swimmer on my hand. We’ve been doing swimming lessons for my son for the last year and he loves it. He has gotten comfortable enough now he is jumping in with no hesitation. It’s almost scary because he is so fearless about it. Definitely more bravery than skills going on, that’s for sure. But he keeps getting better at swimming, too, and that’s what counts. Plus, relatively speaking, swimming is a much cheaper sport to be involved in than many. Much lower risk of concussions.


Speaking of sports, I saw the coolest article online the other day. More and more we keep hearing about how parents and coaches are getting out of control at their kids’ sporting events. Well, this group is working with the Minnesota State High School League to address the unsportsmanlike conduct happening at high school games. Way over due if you ask me. Just last month it hit the news here about how one coach punched a ref at a hockey game over a call. That is just crazy. This group started by having a bunch of pamphlets made to hand out to everyone at a high school game—parents, coaches, fans, etc.—as soon as they arrive for a game. Let’s hope it helps, because things are just plain out of control.

Dry Skin

You know, here’s one thing they don’t talk much about when living in a place like Minnesota—dry skin. Yep. I know we got like three feet of snow last month, but we’re fighting dry skin up here like crazy. One of the biggest contributors is running the furnace all the time to stay warm. It does not help the dry air thing one bit. But, the snow and cold suck a lot of moisture out of the air. I swear, my skin has not stopped itching since October. Well, maybe for a moment or two in there thanks to all the lotion baths. It’s hard to believe we’ll be dying from heat and high humidity in another three or four months. Until then, I think I’ll go by stock in all the major lotion manufacturers and try to stay warm in this sub-zero fun.

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