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Write and Edit the Damn Book by Katie Salidas

I wrote this review back when I was riding the train to and from work. I kind of miss that as it gave me a little time to write shorter things like reviews. Maybe someday the train schedule will get back to normal and I can go back to that again. Anyway, here’s the review. No disclaimer on this one, I bought it fair and square.

Write and Edit the Damn Book: Solutions for Stressed Out Authors by Katie Salidas is an author’s how-to guide for getting your book written. Packed with tons of guides and helpful advice, this book is equal parts constructive and humorous all rolled into one.

One of the things I loved about this book is that it doesn’t get mired down in all those grammatical rules that make writing so boring. Yes, Salidas gives the reader grammar lessons, but in a way that makes them fun and easier to remember. This makes getting through those sections of the book much more enjoyable.

I also loved the various cheat sheets, outline forms, and structure forms Salidas included in the book. They are an excellent way to put her wisdom on structure, plot, and character development to good use. Copy them out of the book or make notes based on these forms, either way readers can’t lose when it comes to employing some tools of the trade.

Finally, I also thoroughly enjoyed the liberal dose of humor spread throughout the book. This is a book that doesn’t get preachy or take itself too seriously, which can be such a huge turn-off to other how-to books like this. But, be warned, there are some, shall we say “colorful metaphors” used. Personally, I think they work, but I can see at least some readers taking possible offense at them.

I’m not sure I saw any downsides or negatives to this book. It is a practical, easy to understand guide for helping authors. I see things that work for the first-time author trying to find their way through the morass that the publishing world can be. And I also see helpful tools for authors who have been around that block a few times already. If you’re in the market to sharpen your authorly skills, this is a book I recommend checking out.

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