Random Sunday

Snow, Christmas Story, and Editing

Let me start off by saying this was supposed to be for last Sunday, but things got rough over the last week.  So, you’re getting it this week instead since I finally have time to type it up and get it posted. I have to revisit the snow thing from two weeks ago.  Why?  Because… Continue reading Snow, Christmas Story, and Editing

Random Sunday

Mosquitos, Sleep, and Scars

I was half way to posting this last night to be on time.  Oh well.  I had it written.  Anyway, here is this week's Random Sunday - on Monday.   What is the purpose of mosquitoes?  No, serious.  Why do mosquitoes exist, beyond being food for bats?  If it were not for the Picaridin lotion… Continue reading Mosquitos, Sleep, and Scars

Other Randomness

The Commute

I got to combine two great prompts this week.  Studio 30 Plus gave us reckon and/or guess.  Katheryn Avila gave us the phrase "Better late than never" for her TuesFlashFicTrain prompt.  Here is my offering.  Be sure to check out other authors' responses through the buttons below!   Sienna stumbled down the stairs.  She was… Continue reading The Commute