Random Sunday

Random Sunday: Time, Thunderstorms, and Editing

Why is there never enough time in the day? I have so many things I need to get done every day, and there is just never enough time to get it all done. I have so many books I want to read, many by my fellow authors. I am working to get multiple different writing projects done. I need to get some sewing projects done. My house is a mess. There are a number of hikes I still want to do this summer. There is always the time I want to be able to spend with my son. I also have to work still. How do I get all of this crammed into my day?

Rain. I love the rain. I love thunderstorms. However, my son is getting to the age where he is scared of the thunder. He seems to be okay as long as he is focused on something else. When he is not, though, he gets clingy and says he is scared. We are trying to tell him that thunder is just clouds bumping together. He seems to be starting to accept that. He still goes on about being scared when he does notice the thunder.

I have officially decided editing sucks. I know, I know. It is a necessary part of the writing process. One I am grateful for as I have had a few occasions where I have stumbled across indie published work that did not go through a thorough editing process. Those works, while having great concepts and characters, were difficult to read due to the lack of editing. I have learned that I am not a great editor, at least not the more technical editor that is such an important piece of the writing and publishing process. Luckily, I do have some excellent friends that are much better at that step than I am.

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