Other Randomness

Really, Life? Did You Have to?

    Oh, man. I am done with some of this. Every time I try to pull things together. Really focus on writing more here, working on other writing projects. Every time I try to work on learning new skills for graphic design and layout. Every. Time. Something happens to throw that off. Earlier this… Continue reading Really, Life? Did You Have to?

Random Sunday

Life, Taxes, and Resolution

Ugh.  Life has been so crazy.  Work has been nuts, and when I work with teenage boys who have mental health, substance use, and legal involvement, that’s saying something.  My normal days are pretty crazy for most people.  Then, the construction in my son’s room has been a bigger headache than expected and the house… Continue reading Life, Taxes, and Resolution

Random Sunday

Shelves, Turtles, and Weekends

I am rather sore at the moment.  However, I am also feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  I had somewhat of a stupid layout for my laundry room shelves, in my opinion.  I mean, who in their right mind puts shelves up right where the laundry chute empties?  Anyway, I did the majority of the… Continue reading Shelves, Turtles, and Weekends