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#TuesFlashFicTrain: Retracing Steps

I know I’m a little late with my next piece of Sienna’s story for the #TuesFlashFicTrain, but better late than never, right?  Anyways, here is what I have:


“What?  No!  I rode the train here!”

“Miss Morineau.  That simply is not possible.”

Sienna backed away from Mr. Sieverson shaking her head.  Her mouth kept moving, a silent protest dying before birth.  Then she collapsed.


“A penny for your thoughts, dear,” she said, her voice soft in the sterile air.

He shook his head, “I don’t know, Mom.  Why would Sienna have gone down to the subway?  What happened to make her believe someone was trying to attack her?”

“We all wish we knew those answers,” she paused, biting her lip, “Mark.  Be honest with me.  Did Sienna do drugs?”

“No, Mom!  You know her family’s history.  There is no way she would use.”

The beeps and chirps filled the silence growing in the room.  Sienna lay unmoving.  Tubes and wires sprouted from her body like a fungus.  Mark knew most of it monitored her, making sure she continued to live.  The doctors had not been able to figure out what happened.  Why she would not wake up.

Mark surged to his feet and paced the room.  He wanted to punch something, break something.  Something had to give.  An idea struck him.  Part of him knew it was a bad idea, but he had to do something.

“Mom.  Don’t leave her.  I’m going to go down to the subway.  Try to figure out why she was there.  What may have happened there.”

“Honey, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I know, Mom.  I have to do something, though.  This is the best I’ve got.”

Mark strode out of the room.  He made his way out of the hospital and down the street to the nearest subway entrance.  Locked.  How had Sienna gotten down there?  He knew there was another subway stop a few blocks down.  Locked as well.  Mark rattled the gate and cursed.

A thought occurred to him.  Maybe Sienna had not gone into the condemned subway system.  No one believed she had been running from an attacker.  Maybe the untruth in all of it was the subway.  If that was the case, though, where had the subway ticket found in her purse come from?

Mark had one more idea.  Sienna had been coming from her apartment when this happened.  He headed to the subway stop nearest her apartment.  His heart sunk.  The hasp on the gate was broken.  The door cracked.  She had been down there.


Head over to Trials and Tribulations of Writing Fiction to take a look around!

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