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100 Word Challenge: Room

Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook gave us 100 words and the prompt room.  Here’s what I came up with.  Be sure to visit other wonderful responses via the button below!


There is a room where I will not go.  It exists unto itself, uncontained.  Yet, found everywhere.  Rumors of that room abound.  Gold.  Fame.  Love.  Wishes beyond wildest dreams.  All are supposed to be found beyond the doors of that room.

All lies.  I have seen those who visited that room.  They did not find what they sought.  I know not what they found.  I know they were not the same.  Something lurks there.  Lingers.  Entices.  Waiting for the foolish.  Waiting for those willing to gamble.  I know seeking fortunes from that room is not worth the price being paid.

100 word challenge

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