Book Reviews

Book Review: Melkora by Joshua Robertson

I have to admit; I am so late doing this review it’s ridiculous. I’ve had my copy of Melkorka by Joshua Robertson for a long time. It took me longer than it should have to read. So of course, life conspired to keep me from getting this review written for quite a while. Oh well,… Continue reading Book Review: Melkora by Joshua Robertson

Poetry, Random Sunday

Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Dredging up another older piece for your pleasure tonight. Didn't get much writing done today, but I did get a bunch of cleaning around my house done and a trial run of a Christmas present made. Plus bon bons at my grandma's. Considering I had to help make bon bons while also refereeing my seven-year-old… Continue reading Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Flash Fiction

Discovering the World Beyond the Veil

I've got a fun little flash piece for you tonight. This came from a prompt I found on Pinterest. And, yes, I have fairies on the brain as I'm working on a short story to submit to a fairy based anthology. More on that later. Here's-- Discovering the World Beyond the Veil My heart thudded… Continue reading Discovering the World Beyond the Veil