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100 Word Challenge: Run-On Sentence

Tara, over at Thin Spiral Notebook, gave us a twist on our 100 Word Challenge this week.  The word we got was loquacious.  However, we had to demonstrate it through a properly punctuated run-on sentence of exactly 100 words.  Yes.  One sentence that contained all 100 words with proper punctuation.  I was rather intimidated at first.  I ended up with a sentence that was 113 words long and, at least according to Word, followed punctuation rules.  With a little editing,  here is my sentence.  Also be sure to check out other attempts at this daunting task via the link above or the badge below.


At Texas Roadhouse, where we went out dinner the other night for my husband’s birthday, my son discovered peanuts in the shell, so he worked on figuring out how to get each peanut – one half at a time – out of the shell and got rather creative about it (which included trying to shake the peanuts out of their shells, pinching them, and pressing on them on the table); but the best part, which kept him busy for the first twenty minutes or more, was that rather than eating any of them, he fed every one of them to my husband.


And, yes, this is a 100% true story.

100 word challenge

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