Random Sunday

Writing, PowerPoint, and Box Elder Bugs

Yeah, yeah.  I know it is Tuesday.  I’ve had this written since Sunday.  Fell asleep before I could post this Sunday night and then got wrapped up playing a game and watching football last night.  So here it is.  Random Sunday on a Tuesday.


I’ve been thinking about writing lately.  Not as in writing stories or poems or such.  Writing as in the act of picking up a writing utensil and forming letters.  My son is working on learning to write his first few letters.  Entirely on his own and unprompted, he spent about three hours on Saturday practicing his letters on his Leap Pad.  As I watched him work so hard to form his As and Bs, it made me stop to think about how often I take my ability to write letters in to words, words into sentences, and so on for granted.

I am panicking a little at the moment.  I just realized that the segment I am leading for our next quarterly training at work needs to be done this week because I’m leading it next week.  I think.  I’ve really got to get my butt in gear and get it written as not one word is on paper, much less in a polished PowerPoint.  I am really hoping I miscounted my days and have an extra week.  (Update: turns out I do have one more week than I thought, for which I am quite grateful.  Still need to get moving on it, though).

I have a new found hate for box elder bugs.  I know, they are pretty harmless on the bug danger spectrum.  When the entire front of my house is covered in them, though, there is a gross factor that kicks in.  It is revolting how many of the nasty things there are crawling all over the front of my house.  I’m working on getting a sprayer thing to put on my water hose to see if the old soap and water trick really will work to get rid of them.  Either that or I hope we have a short cold snap here that freezes the things.  All I have left to say on this is Ish.

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