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Character Study – World Killers

Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook gave us the word voice and 100 words in which to come up with a post.  I am continuing my character sketches of Major Devin Wade, my main character for my upcoming NaNo novel attempt.  Here he is and be sure to swing by to read other great responses to the challenge.

The dust in the air clouded out most of the light.  Even in his battle suit and helmet, the dust clogged Devin’s throat.  He heard the voice again, weaker this time.  He heaved a large chunk of broken wall over.  The World Killers crashed around them.  Only luck and time kept him from being crushed.  And time was almost out.  She called once more just ahead.  A massive beam blocked his way.  Anger and adrenaline fueled a deadlift that shifted the beam off the one remaining chunk of rubble.  Under it lay a bleeding, pregnant girl.

Her eyes widened.  “Reaper!”

100 word challenge

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