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Character Study – Grandstanding

I’m still playing around some with my character studies of Major Devin Wade, the main character in my novel I’m planning for NaNoWriMo next month.  Once again, I used Our Write Side’s Master Class prompt to get this one started.  Let me know what you think and be sure to stop by Our Write Side to see other responses to the prompt.

“Thorson.  Russell.  Did you need to pull such a global grandstand?”

Shawn protested, “Major Wade, sir!”

“Yes.”  Eli’s succinct reply caught Devin and Shawn off guard.


“Because, sir.  If we had not created a fireworks show, they would not have fallen for the ruse.  We needed them to buy into it without question.”

“And there were no subtler ways?”

“Not without having Black Ops written all over it.”

Shawn stayed out of the verbal sparring between Eli and Devin.  Devin sighed and dismissed them both when he realized they were not getting anywhere with the argument.  He watched them leave, feeling a twinge at the easy camaraderie between them.  The promotion to major and running Black Ops had been one of his biggest goals, but now that he had it, he did not have opportunities like that anymore.  And those two would have been the closest thing to friends Black Ops operatives made, had he still been able to make that choice.

He focused back on the report.  Buildings in all twelve province capitols destroyed.  The major bridges connecting each province demolished.  And not one casualty.  The only reason no one would think Black Ops on this one was because of the sheer complexity it took for two men to complete the mission.  He had to admit, though, when Thorson and Russell worked together, they could pull off some amazing stunts on their missions.  And they never failed a mission, together or alone.

Devin stared at the scars on his hands.  The white scar tissue stood out against his brown skin.  Stark reminders of who he was before taking command.  The Reaper.  He still heard the occasional comment about his old identity from some of the operatives.  Always in awe.  Never understanding the toll Devin paid for that reputation.

A message light flashed from his tablet.  Devin pulled himself out of the past and tapped on the message.  More mission requests from outside Black Ops.  Orders from Black Ops Command.  He crossed-reference available operatives fitting the requirements of each mission when one mission caught his eye and he froze.

Yordani.  His secret was buried there.  It was a backwater world of no political, military, or economic significance.  Why send an operative there?  Unless someone suspected something.


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