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Book Release: A Time of Need

Sidewise Award Nominee’s New Alternate History of the American Revolution:

With alternate history enjoying a resurgence right now following the success of The Man in the High Castle and Timeless – and the planned series of Confederate and Black America – Sidewise Award Nominee Brent A. Harris is releasing a new novel that envisions an America that might have been very different.

A Time of Need

In a change of fate, George Washington fights for the British while wrestling with his AToN cover.pngloyalties as he watches his countrymen struggle under the yoke of war. His nemesis, Benedict Arnold, seizes power and will stop at nothing to restore his family’s honor by driving the British out of the colonies. The fate of America is inexorably altered as these two titans clash on and off the battlefield in A Time of Need.

About the Author

Brent A. Harris was nominated for a Sidewise Award this year for his short story, Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon, in the anthology Tales from Alternate Earths. He has also published short stories in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. He resides in Southern California as a stay-at-home-dad outside of the Marine Corps base at 29 Palms, where he’s lived long enough to become convinced Joshua trees are in fact, real trees.

Those interested in learning more about author Brent A. Harris can stop by his website at www.brentaharris.com. A Time of Need is published by Insomnia Publishing and may be ordered through most bookshops and is available in ebook or print at on Amazon.
“Alternate history allows us to learn more about how our world came to be by examining what could have been.” –Brent A. Harris, Foreword, Tales from Alternate Earths

Insomnia Publishing

P.O. Box 1633

Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053

(617) 356-7933




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