Random Sunday

Books and Catching Up

A Fantasy Christmas Oy, has it been a week. Before I get into that, I want to make sure to share an awesome new book release. A Fantasy Christmas is a collection of thirteen stories by thirteen amazing authors. All fantasy themed, this collection published by Fiction Atlas Press, A Fantasy Christmas is available today!… Continue reading Books and Catching Up

Random Sunday

Time, Book Release, and Mama’s Boy

Time It’s late and I’m cutting it quite close to still be Random Sunday, but I’m giving it a go, anyway. Sometimes I gotta squeeze the writing in when I have time. In other words, after my son is tucked in to bed and my hubby is out the door to work. Then the house… Continue reading Time, Book Release, and Mama’s Boy

Other Randomness

Book Release – The Lost Artist: Love Passion War

Okay. I don't think I could even begin to write about my last week with any reasonably appropriate terms. So, I'm bringing you an awesome history book instead. Check it out. The Lost Artist: Love Passion War (Part 1) By Eric Houston “A page-turner! Revealing important insight into little-known history of pre-state Palestine and World… Continue reading Book Release – The Lost Artist: Love Passion War