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Character Interview: Ginny Gracehurst

I know, it’s been a while. There’s been some interesting things going on. I’ll tell you aboutAB wrap final them later this week. For now, though, I’m remiss in not getting this post up earlier today. See, I got the chance to interview the main character from JK Allen’s new novel, Angelborn, that released to day. It’s an awesome book people. Check out my chat with Ginny and then get your copy!

The Interview

Go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about yourself.

  • My name is Ginny Gracehurst. I’m a pretty typical 16-year-old until a few weeks ago when everything changed. I spent a lot of time with my best friend Pat and his family, watching bad movies and painting at my mom’s studio. Pat wants to go to art school, so we spend a lot of time developing his skills since I think art is good fun and tag along. I live with my mom who is a classic workaholic, but who loves me very much and arranged for me to spend so much time with my bestie. At least until a couple weeks ago.

So, be honest, what was your first reaction when you found out you were a half-angel?

  • I was incredulous. There was so much I didn’t know about my father, so how could they know so definitively that I was angelborn at all? He died when I was three. And then there was the notion that there is even such a thing as angels and their descendants. Not something people just readily believe. But then I found out not only was I angelborn, but my father wasn’t dead, he was the great angel Grace. That changed everything.

What has been the hardest part of being a half-angel so far?

  • The uncertainty of it. Not knowing which powers will manifest or how to control them. Not understanding how this secret world of the Alliance works. And of course, having a powerful half-demon come after me and the ones I love.

Completed Angelborn Side

Do you connect with Jacob at all? If so, how?

  • When I first met him, I didn’t know how to feel. He was flirting with me, which put me on edge, but then seemed so genuinely to need a friend. It was confusing for me. And then it turned hostile. I can’t trust him, but I’m sure he has a story I know nothing about. Maybe I would feel connected to him if I knew that story.

What about Aiden? Anything interesting in your relationship with him?

  • Aiden is great. And he’s been there for me even when it puts him at risk. I really admire how he always does what’s right rather than what he’s told to do. I really enjoy getting to know him more.

What are the best ways to fight demons? Any tricks you can teach us?

  • With an aoiveae sword. It’s a blessed metal perfect for fighting against demons and demonkind. I’m not very good with them, but the other members are amazing.

If demons and angels are real, what other creatures live in your world? Anything we should know about them?

  • There’s also changelings. They’re humans who drink demon blood to become super strong and fast and to gain regenerative powers. It’s where they myth of the vampire comes from, but don’t worry, they don’t drink human blood.

Completed Demonkind Side

What about God? How does some form of God/Deity fit into your world? Is he/she/it of any help?

  • God doesn’t directly interfere as everyone has free will, but God doesn’t abandon either. We mostly deal with the angel when we need help.

How do you keep the supernatural stuff straight from your everyday life, like school?

  • Well, for my protection and training I’ve moved into Alliance House where we are doing school as well. It makes things simpler in some ways as I’m trying to come to terms with the truth and everything that’s happening. But it’s surreal to be away from my everyday life; my mom, Pat, the studio.

What about dating? Is Aiden a possibility? Or, how would you date a guy who knows nothing about the existence of angels and demons beyond stories?

  • I’ll be honest and admit I’ve never dated. I’ve never really had a big circle of acquaintances and I’m not really great at talking to guys. But Aiden’s nice. I’ll leave it at that.  🙂

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