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Book Review: Angelborn by JK Allen

Title: Angelborn Author: JK Allen Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy Angelborn is the first in a trilogy centering on Ginny Gracehurst. She’s the typical sixteen-year-old girl until circumstances force her to confront the truth about her father—he’s the Angel Grace. As a half-angel, Ginny becomes the target for the demonkind, including a powerful half-demon named… Continue reading Book Review: Angelborn by JK Allen

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Last Rites

Hey, hey, my bookish people. It's getting late, but I've got some book news for you. A cool new book has just come out. I'm adding it to my to-be-read pile, how about you? Last Rights - Book 1 of Beyond Death Chloe Donovan is dead. But the afterlife is nothing like she expected. Raised… Continue reading Last Rites

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Character Interview: Ava

I'm back today with another awesome book to share with you - Monster Huntress by David Wiley. But, instead of talking with David today, I've got a character spotlight for you. Without further adieu, here's Ava. Name: Ava Evenstar  Nicknames: Avalina Born in the kingdom of Hárborg, raised in Tirgoth. She spends her days training to… Continue reading Character Interview: Ava