Random Sunday

Service Project, Spring, and Job Update

Service Project

I got to go on the coolest service project this week. My son’s Cub Scout Pack set up a project to work for a couple hours at Feed My Starving Children. This is an organization that packages food and gives it to other non-profits worldwide who distribute it to children and families in need. The way they set things up to package the food is incredible. They made an intentional choice to have people volunteer to come in and package rather than using machines, and they keep it simple but streamlined. In our two-hour session we did the orientation, packaged, and cleaned up. I would guess the

Total stats for our 2 hour packing session

actual packaging of food was about an hour and twenty minutes. In that time, our packaging station alone boxed fifteen cases of food. Each case holds 36 individual serving pouches. And there were twelve such stations if I remember right. The session we were in packaged enough meals to feed 101 children for an entire year. Imagine that. Two hours of time given by about 150 people will feed 101 children for a full year. Imagine what we could do if we all came together, really came together to help those in need.


I am so happy spring is finally here! Not just the date on the calendar saying it’s here. I mean the warm weather, melting snow, and more daylight. I don’t know for sure what it was about this last winter, but man it got long and brutal. It didn’t help that Minnesota saw one of the snowiest Februarys on record. Every flipping week we were having a major

Image from Congerdesign on Pixabay

snowstorm in there. Now I hope we don’t end up with an April blizzard like we did last year. I am seriously ready for this nicer weather. Bonfires. Camping. Hiking. Yep, these are what I need right now. Stat.

Job Update

Job update time. First, I realized after last week’s post, things may have been confusing. Yes, I have several jobs I work. One is my day job and the rest are for a couple small presses and some freelance work. And yes, that gets to be a lot of chaos and personalities to juggle some days. Hence some major frustration from last week when those things did not come together and play nice well. Now, I mentioned a plan to address a lot of this. Well, here is part of that plan. I will continue my freelance work and work for one small press. I am taking a leave of absence from OWS, the other small press. Too much has happened there. I need a little distance to

Image from Yogesh on Pixabay

get myself back to where I need to be for myself and for those aforementioned relationships from last week. I have a couple other opportunities for small press work, but I am not ready to chime in on those yet. Stay tuned and all will be clearer as we go. Hanging out here more is a priority and will remain so. Until then, always bring your towel!

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