Random Sunday

Day Job, Cub Scouts, and Spring Allergies

Day Job

Wow, has this week been busy? We had a state licensing inspection at my day job. It was for only one of our two sites, but that was enough. Even though our licensor was awesome and so helpful during the inspection, the whole thing was still rather stressful. I’m taking time to relax and breathe for a day or two. Then I’ll get going on what he

Image by Mohamed Hassan

showed us we need to work on from this inspection. When I became program director, I knew we had things we needed to address, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time focusing on those things. The licensing audit helped me see where our efforts have paid off and where we still need to make changes. Plus, it will also be helpful for some plans we have for the future of the program.

Cub Scouts

I am so proud of my son. He’s in Cub Scouts and has been having a great time with it. Along the way we have been working on learning things like the Scout Law and the Scout Oath. For those not familiar with Cub Scouts, the Scout Law is a list of twelve attributes Scouts teaches kids. The Scout Oath is, for a kid, a lengthy oath to take care of others and yourself. These are some big concepts for a six-year-old to practice and memorize. he has

from Scoutlander.com

done an excellent job, though, of doing just that. And, even better, he is connecting how things in these two pieces of Scouting fit into his life. I know Boy Scouts has not always had the cleanest track record, and that some may not agree with all of what Scouts does. However, they are helping me and my husband teach our son it is important to help and care for others, to work hard, to respect everyone, and more. For that I am grateful and appreciate what they do. And I’m proud of my son for how hard he has worked this year.

Spring Allergies

I talked last week about how I’m so excited for spring. And I am. That hasn’t changed at all. There is just one thing about spring I wish I could skip—allergies. All the dust and mold from the thawing is getting to me. In another month, all the trees and flowers blossoming will set things off again. And it’s a shame, too, because I love all the flowers

by Free-Photos on Pixabay.com

and greenery. Things like my Zyrtec and Singulair become vital this time of year. I need to refill my essential oil allergy blend as well. Didn’t need it much over this winter, but it’s time to put it into the mix again. Let’s hope it doesn’t get bad enough to need to add my chlorpheniramine to the mix on top of everything else.

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