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Unconfined Delusions by Angela L. Lindseth

Here is another of several reviews I am late in writing. Again, no disclaimer on this one either.


Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold by Angela L. Lindseth is a collection of horror flash fiction and short stories. This is the second collection like this from Lindseth.


First off, I have to say Lindseth has done it again. She took several mundane things—81VG5JqL6QL.SR160,240_BG243,243,243.jpgholiday decorations for example—and turned them into creepy scenes that can haunt your dreams. And, she has done so in a surprisingly short space as most of the stories in this collection are quite short. I love her ability to evoke images and feelings like this.
I also love her ability to create real characters readers can connect with despite the brevity of each story. There is a real sense these people could exist and we, as readers, are glimpsing a short bit of their lives. This ability often leaves me wanting more from these stories.

I found it interesting Lindseth included a few happy, or at least happier, endings in this collection. It was a pleasant surprise since her first collection, Sanity’s Threshold, kept things dark most all the way through. Don’t worry, though, this collection keeps the tone dark and full of horror.

Last but not least, I appreciated the fact Lindseth thought about feedback she received from her first collection and addressed that in this collection. For example, she included a table of contents to make it more convenient for readers looking for specific stories. This shows me that Lindseth is an author who genuinely cares what her readers think and wants to give readers a great experience.


The only critique I have is there were a couple typos that stuck out to me. Given this is something that occurs in books from the Big 5 publishing houses as well, it’s a minor thing. Definitely not enough to disrupt the reading experience.


For fans of horror, dark, and weird, I recommend picking up this collection. It is well worth it.

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