Flash Fiction

Tormonian Ally

Hey everyone! I know, I’ve been gone a while again. Didn’t do so well with taking care of me for a bit there and just needed space and time to breathe. Things are going better now, so easing back into some writing stuff again with this week’s #SwiftFicFriday prompt. We got a curveball this time in that there was no prompt! Just up to 300 words and this weekend to write whatever. Took me until tonight to figure out my story – revisiting Margoth the Tormonian as it continues to explore Earth! Once you’ve checked out Margoth’s latest adventure, be sure to stop by and see what other awesome authors did with this non-prompt!

Tormonian Ally

Margoth heaved a sigh, its gelatinous body rippling with the exhale. Hidden in its accommodations—apartment Margoth seemed to remember the human telling it—Margoth deactivated the hologram that let it pass in human society.

“These life forms are too primitive for Yagaroth to form an alliance. Surely there are other sentient species than humans on this minor planet,” Margoth muttered to itself as it stared at the box before it. Something about that box unsettled it, though it entered this arrangement willingly.

“Perhaps this creature humans call cats may be of better strategic value. Many humans seem to have formed alliances with them.”

Image by Huda Nur from Pixabay

The box twitched and wiggled. A furry paw poked out one hole. Margoth rippled with color as its tentacles waved about its body. When the boxed creature made a sound, Margoth squelched back a little.

“Hello, creature in the box. This being is Margoth. What should this being call you?”


“Perhaps another frequency?” Margoth tried again at a lower frequency, then a third time at a higher frequency.

That got a reaction. The box jumped and crashed as cat inside tore around inside it. Margoth retreated farther from the box, its tentacles waving faster as a myriad of colors rippled across its moist skin almost too fast to see.

Then, the worst happened. The cat bashed open the top of the box. It burst forth, hissing. Margoth slid to the nearest wall and climbed up it to hide in the upper corner. It wanted to stay far away from the cat.

The cat raced around the room, at one point climbing part way up the curtains near Margoth. It slid to the opposite corner, turning ashen.

“Pliknes save Margoth from this lethal creature!”

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