Flash Fiction

100 Word Challenge: Simple

Over at Thin Spiral Notebook, the 100 Word Challenge for this week was the word simple. Nothing at my house is ever simple, I swear. But with as much ADHD as what there is in my house, it's a miracle I'm not completely insane. Well, I may be a touch crazy to be honest. Anyway,… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Simple

Random Sunday

Random Writing: Reflection

Hey everyone. I have decided to change things up a bit with the Random Sunday posts. Rather than random bits about my life all the time, I'm throwing in some random pieces of writing. Some of it is old flash, other things are ideas sketched out a little to come back to at some point,… Continue reading Random Writing: Reflection

Flash Fiction

The Captain’s Secret

Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook almost had me stumped with this week's prompt. For the 100 Word Challenge she gave us the word leg. Now what on earth do you do with a prompt like that? I knew right away I wanted to do a more humorous take on it and poetry just wasn't… Continue reading The Captain’s Secret

Flash Fiction


My sister spent four years out in Hawaii going to school. During that time we learned some interesting stories and pieces of Hawaiian culture. This culture still fascinates me with their stories and histories. So, while I borrow just a little from the culture for this story, my intention is to do so in a… Continue reading Kalaipahoa