Other Randomness

Sneak Peek: Scars

Hey y'all! Just for being extra cool and patient with my ADHDness and not getting a post up yesterday, I'm going to share a quick sneak peek at Book 2 in the Black Ops series--Scars. Scars will be released early in 2020, as long as edits go well (and my editor doesn't kill me in… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Scars

Random Sunday

Mosquitos, Sleep, and Scars

I was half way to posting this last night to be on time.  Oh well.  I had it written.  Anyway, here is this week's Random Sunday - on Monday.   What is the purpose of mosquitoes?  No, serious.  Why do mosquitoes exist, beyond being food for bats?  If it were not for the Picaridin lotion… Continue reading Mosquitos, Sleep, and Scars