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Sneak Peek: Scars

Hey y’all! Just for being extra cool and patient with my ADHDness and not getting a post up yesterday, I’m going to share a quick sneak peek at Book 2 in the Black Ops series–Scars. Scars will be released early in 2020, as long as edits go well (and my editor doesn’t kill me in the mean time for being slow with them…).

Bad Luck…Again

Shawn ducked into the mouth of a dank, dark alley just as the explosion ripped through the Black Ops Command building. A blizzard of debris fell around him.

“Shit. Too much nitro,” he said to himself as he was battered and cut by the shrapnel.

As Shawn tried to escape the chaos a piece of steel rod as long as his arm plunged intodestruction-2541513_640.jpg his left leg, shattering the bone just above the knee and just below the thigh armor panel. The force of the impact knocked him to the ground. The subsequent pain kept him there. Fighting the temptation to black out, Shawn pulled his battle suit down around his waist and hissed as it peeled away from the bruising on his ribs. He took off his undershirt and tore it into strips, wrapped it around the metal sticking out of his leg. Each time the material brushed against the rod, jarring it against mangled nerves and shattered bone, Shawn saw stars. He didn’t dare pull it out; he’d most likely bleed to death before he made it anywhere if he did. Once the injury was tended, Shawn couldn’t fight it. The world spiraled down into darkness. His last thought was hoping no one would find him there and turn him in. After all, with his knowledge of explosives and current injuries, everyone would pin it on him. That’s how his luck ran.


Book 1, Tattoos, is available here. Plus, get a free Black Ops short story, Emergence, here today!

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