Gecko, Gecko

I loved the prompt from Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook this week. The word lizard instantly brought to mind the ongoing chases and struggles my sister had with the geckos invading her apartment when she lived in Hawaii for a few years. She wasn't very fond of the geckos even though I thought they… Continue reading Gecko, Gecko

Flash Fiction

Astrophysics in Action

I know, I know. I promised Random Sunday yesterday. But here it's Tuesday and I don't have it yet. We'll do Random Sunday on Wednesday. Promise. Illness and work and all will not bar me from having it out to you then. In the mean time, I do have a quick little treat for you.… Continue reading Astrophysics in Action

Flash Fiction

Consequences for Being Late

Hee hee. Here's your forewarning. This is a bizarre little flash piece in response to the latest 100-Word Challenge from Tara Roberts. I decided to take a break from poetry responses this week. After reading the prompt word, interrupted, this is what came to mind. Consequences for Being Late You wouldn’t believe what happened in… Continue reading Consequences for Being Late