Other Randomness

Author Interview: J. Lee Strickland

I cannot believe December starts at the end of this week. Where has the year gone already?? While I work on getting myself back on track posting more regularly here, I've got another interview from one of my fellow Mirrors & Thorns authors, J. Lee Strickland. Author Bio J. Lee Strickland is a freelance writer… Continue reading Author Interview: J. Lee Strickland

Weather Riders

Resolutions and Conflicts

It has been way too long since I played in the Weather Riders' world. I've missed Shayna, Caiden and company. This week's installment of the Weather Riders is brought to you by the Two Word Tuesday prompt over at Our Write Side. Stop on by over there to see what others have done with the… Continue reading Resolutions and Conflicts

Random Sunday

Busy, Our Write Side, and Water

Busy I know, I know—it’s Monday, but with Father’s Day yesterday and trying to finish the remodel of my son’s room, things got crazy yesterday. My son has been needing more time and attention lately as well. Not sure what that’s about, but he takes priority over writing so I’ve been giving him more attention.… Continue reading Busy, Our Write Side, and Water

Book Reviews

Unexpected Rewards by Jane McGarry

Standard disclaimer: Yep. This is another book I got for free in exchange for an honest review. Unexpected Rewards, book 2 of the Not Every Girl series, by Jane McGarry is a young adult sword and sorcery fantasy novel. The main character, Olivia, is repaid for her service in book 1 by being brought to… Continue reading Unexpected Rewards by Jane McGarry