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Sickness, Computers, and Poetry Debate


Ugh.  Someone needs to come up with a cure for a cold.  Not sure that was all I fought avirus-1812092_1920 week ago, but man it was not fun.  Either that or I had one nasty case of allergies on top of the cold.  I was miserable for quite a while.  The headache-sinus stuff is the worst.  Then the sore throat woke me up enough I didn’t sleep as well as I needed.  For sure.  Someone needs to come up with cures for allergies and colds.  That way my bases are covered and I’m happy all the way around.


monitor-1350918_1280Computers and technology.  They are supposed to make our lives easier, right?  So why is it we end up with so many computer based issues all the time?  I mean, come on!  For example, I sit at work trying to load my electronic medical records site, but the computer takes so long the system times out before the website loads.  And it’s not only me, though I could give more examples.  Several people I know have had huge issues lately as well.  We can’t live with them and yet can’t live without them.

Poetry Debate

I saw an interesting debate in one of my writing groups.  Or maybe it’s better to call it a discussion as no one advocated for any one position.  Anyway, it was about poetry.  One person observed that many avenues for poetry publication look more at and accept free verse than they do classic structured and metered poetry.  The discussion exchange-of-ideas-222789_1920about why this is centered on the ease of writing free verse compared to classical forms, which also changes the accessibility of the poetry to readers.  I wonder if part of this is because some people writing classic poetry today try to imitate or follow styles from a long time ago.  This, then, leads to confusion and struggle to read it due to the shifts in language and style.  What are your thoughts on this?

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