Random Sunday

ADHD Issues, Chapbook, and Geocaching

ADHD Issues I’m still here, honest. I know, you’re getting sick of hearing me say that. So am I. I kind of wonder if my ADHD is getting the better of me lately. I mean, by the time I get home from work, I’m so wiped out I have a hard time seeing straight some… Continue reading ADHD Issues, Chapbook, and Geocaching

Book Reviews

Book Review: Vignettes by Eric Keizer

Today I bring you a great book of poetry, Vignettes by Eric Keizer. This is his second collection of poetry and is themed around another important place for him—Des Moines, Iowa. This collection offers snapshots into love, life, and the world around Des Moines. Now, on to the review part. Likes Being from the Midwest… Continue reading Book Review: Vignettes by Eric Keizer