Flash Fiction

Consequences for Being Late

Hee hee. Here’s your forewarning. This is a bizarre little flash piece in response to the latest 100-Word Challenge from Tara Roberts. I decided to take a break from poetry responses this week. After reading the prompt word, interrupted, this is what came to mind.

Consequences for Being Late

Image from http://kaiju.wikidot.com/wiki:grabber

You wouldn’t believe what happened in my history class today. This guy always comes in late. He interrupts the professor every time since he couldn’t possibly sit in the back. No, he goes down to the front. He came in late as usual, today. My prof stopped her lecture and stared at him. No words, no nothing. Then these weird tentacles shot out of her back, grabbed him, and ate him. Seriously! She’s an alien and ate late guy! I will never be late to one of her classes, but I can’t wait to have her as a prof again.

100 word challenge

Yeah, like I said, it’s weird. For something maybe a little less strange, make sure you stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to check out other responses!

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