Flash Fiction

SwiftFicFriday – Week 25

I have this fun little writing prompt over at Trials and Tribulations of Writing Fiction. This week we had a prompt based on the song Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by Missio. I think it’s been quite a day because even I cant really explain how this came about from this song…

From the Depths

He scrubbed at his face, trying to clear the murk and gloom from his vision. It had been so long since a ship had passed overhead. And he felt her. She took passage on that ship, must have chosen to come home after all this time.

With a kick, he rose from the depths. Closer, closer, ever so much closer sailed the ship, sailed his world. As he ascended, the world grew brighter, clearing the drear. Soon he could spot the fish that scattered at his appearance.

But, despite how hard he swam, the ship drew no closer. She was slipping away from him once again. He screamed, and it rose in a halo of bubbles around him, speeding octopus-2745286_1920.jpgaway to the surface still so far above.

My love, do not flee me, he begged in silence. Bits of seaweed and silt flecked off and drifted back into the dark depths. His heart raced and his mind whirled. The ship was almost out of reach. She was almost out of reach.

As he finally broke the surface, he saw the ship slip away across the horizon. Beyond his grasp.


The cry floated above the white-capped gray waves as he slapped the surface with three long tentacles, sending cross waves in every direction. She had eluded him yet again.

Go check out the prompt and other responses in the comments. It’s fun!

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