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100 Word Challenge: Spoil

Okay, so I will likely never have a real regular schedule on this blog. I am working to accept that. Hopefully you’ll stick with me anyway. I think my life is just too random and all over the place to really get a good schedule down. Anyway, I have another brief entry into the Tormonian Saga for y’all with this week’s 100 Word Challenge. By the way, we got the word spoil and exactly 100 words to tell this story in. Don’t worry, if you missed some of the first bits, I’ll get you hooked up with them.

Tormonian Rescue

Margoth stripped the holographic suit off as soon as it got aboard the Roth-Yar. Three ufo-788746_640.jpgentire rotations on the horrid little back-water planet called Earth was entirely too much.

“By Pliknes, I will never return to that place. It is dirty, too bright, crowded, and humans have no notion the proper way to live.” Margoth raged.

“Yagaroth gave the orders and your mission is not yet concluded.” Gorphad soothed.

“No! I will not return. I expect all Tormonians to spoil me for the heinousness I endured. They eat with their phalanges!”

Gorphad turned puce as slime oozed from his orifaces.


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And as promised, here are the first two pieces to the Tormonian Saga –

Tormonian Dilemma

The small purple bi-ped waved its tentacles. “So what are you saying, Gorphad?”

Gorphad, a slightly larger being stroked two tentacles together while the other four calmed the smaller being’s flailing. “Margoth, be easy. All you must do is record human interaction for two planetary rotations. Your hologram generator will disguise your form. It is simple.”

alien-226245_640“Gorphad, no Tormonian has returned from Earth. Why must I do this?”

Gorphad turned a pinkish shade, again attempting to soothe Margoth. “Because Yagaroth has willed it.”

Margoth turned a virulent green. “It will go wrong. They are humans, so it will be disasterous.”

Tormonian Tortures

Margoth’s purple gelatinous body quivered, turning an awful pasty grey. Only a hint of its natural purple color remained. Silently it breathed thanks Yagaroth the bio-suit had a hologram function that allowed Margoth to blend into the scenery.

But nothing helped the sensory assault happening. Loud shrieks and screams vibrated its whole being while the strangest smells invaded its olfactory gland. Margoth held an immense amount of gratitude for not being able to feel the environment around it. What on Pliknes was all that white stuff covering everything? Nothing in the database said anything about that. And it was so bright, too.

Just then another small Earth being snowy-4689675_640.jpgflew by on a flat contraption, a horrendous noise emanating from it. Margoth thought perhaps the Earth being was injured, but none of the larger beings seemed to react. The small being fell over and struggled to assume a bipedal position in the white crystals. Then the being dashed by Margoth, the flat contraption in tow. More small beings sped past Margoth as it twitched, hidden near a tall thing with green pointy needles. Margoth made sure to pull its tentacles in close. The suit would hide it from any of the Earth beings’ ocular appendages, but wouldn’t stop them from sensing it should they step on a tentacle.

In a soft voice, Margoth begged anyone on the communicator who might be listening. “Please, for the love of Pliknes, let this mission be over! This is just too much! Knowledge of Earth is not worth this!”

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