Flash Fiction

Knocking at My Door

Slowly but surely I’m getting back into things. And this week’s #SwiftFicFriday helped things along with my writing. #SwiftFicFriday is a great prompt that give us something–a word, a song, an image, anything really–and up to 300 words. It gets posted on Fridays and we get the weekend to write. Voting for the best piece starts on Monday via Twitter, so be sure to check out all the responses to pick your favorite!

This week we got the song Moonlight by Kuoga feat. Elko. I give you-

Knocking at My Door

The reddish gold glow from the setting sun streamed through my window as my heart pounded. I checked the door’s locks. The bar, chains, and dead bolts seemed secure, though I knew physical locks alone would never stop her. I sighed and grabbed a small silver knife and rolled up my sleeve to add another line on my arm. Blood oozed. I daubed my fingers in it and traced the familiar protective symbols on my door. Dried blackish crimson flakes crumbled as I drew. Remnants of nights past. I could draw them in my sleep.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Now the waiting game began. With it, memories came—her dark hair falling against her pale skin, the way her laugh made me grin. Unable to stop them, the memories played on until they reached that dreaded night. So much blood, vivid against her pale skin, stood out brighter in my mind.

The last vestiges of light faded from the sky. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Like clockwork, as the first star blossomed in the rich indigo sky, I heard her soft voice moan and cry as she moved down the hall.

My heart pounded as she stopped outside, as she had done every night for two months. Her bluish white fists thudded against the battered wood separating us. Each tear became a knife to my heart, a siren’s call to leave the safety of my apartment. Yet I knew if I did, I would never survive it.

The hours wore on. Her tears became sobs that wrenched at me. My yearning to go out there, let her in, comfort her, became an unscratchable itch. I had to hold out until dawn, but my willpower was fading. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to see the sunrise.

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