Flash Fiction, Poetry


I totally missed last week’s SwiftFicFriday prompt. I saw it and it prompted the perfect scene to move my short story along. Alas, I didn’t get it all written in time. This week, though, I wanted to make sure I got my piece in, inspired stylistically by a favorite childhood poet – Shel Silverstein. As always, please stop by and check out other great responses to this week’s #SwiftFicfriday.


From Pixabay by angulope
Pardon me, sir, I need your assistance please.
For I do not understand
This last statement that you made.
You indicated in your highbrow way
That you took umbrage with me.

Yet I do not have any umbrage to take
Nor none to lend you if that is what you seek
Perhaps it is an invitation
Like sitting down to tea.
No, not that? Then I am lost you see.

Maybe taking umbrage is like
Taking communion with another man
Though you do not strike me
As a religious sort of soul
Ah, your scowl confirms my suspicions.

I think I’ve got it, I just might know
What you mean when you say
You take umbrage with me.
It must be a place you wish to visit
With a companion by your side.

Good sir, why do you walk away
With such disdain upon your face
I simply seek to understand
This turn of phrase you use.
Alas, he has disappeared upon his highbrow way.

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