Flash Fiction

Seventh Daughter

I know I missed the last couple weeks of #SwiftFicFriday prompts, but they were still helpful! Those couple prompts ended up working themselves into a short story I’m working on. That story probably is going to miss the deadline I had, but I’ll get it out to y’all one way or another. Anyway, this week’s prompt inspired a little darker response. Please be sure to stop by to read other great answers to this week’s writing prompt!

Seventh Daughter

Kacee blinked sleep from her eyes, her brain still processing the small hand patting her cheek. She scrubbed at her face.

“Mama? Mama, it’s time.” The small girl’s voice whispered into the silence.

Kacee froze as her brain caught up to the girl’s words. “What do you mean they’re coming, Rianna, honey? It’s three in the morning.”

“They’re coming, it’s starting.”

Image by zizwix from Pixabay

Even as Rianna’s repeated words filled the air, Kacee knew she was right. The puca had begun filtering through the veil. She’d known it even before Rianna woke her, given the nightmare she’d been having. Kacee threw back the blanket and pushed herself to her feet, scrambling for her cell phone. All the while, the little girl stood back, wide-eyed, watching without a word.

“Rianna, go get your things just like we practiced; we’re going for real this time.”

She didn’t move. Kacee stopped her swift actions to pull her daughter close and kiss her on the head.

“You can feel them, can’t you?” Kacee felt Rianna’s head nod from where it remained tucked under her chin. She squeezed the girl tighter before moving her out to arm’s length. “We’re going somewhere safe, just like we’ve talked about since you were two. Remember, I told you I fought the puca for years before you were born?”

Rianna nodded. “I’ll go, Mommy, but I’m scared.”

Kacee pulled her in for one more quick embrace before letting her go. “I know, honey, I am too. But I have help coming, we’re going to a safe place, and I know how to fight them.”

Rianna slipped from the room on silent feet. Kacee sighed as she watched the girl go.

“Damn legends and their seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Why did it have to be the only daughter of my blood?”

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