Random Sunday

People Watching, Bread, and Reading

People Watching We did our shopping at Costco and at Sam’s Club this weekend like normal and, let me tell you, the people watching there can be entertaining. No, I don’t laugh at or make fun of people. What I mean is paying attention to what people get and trying to make sense out of… Continue reading People Watching, Bread, and Reading

Flash Fiction

The Spring Sacrifice

I've got a quick little dark fantasy flash piece for y'all tonight. Poking around online, I found a cool prompt and had to try it. Might come back and flesh this one out, too. What do you think? Would you like to see this one developed more? The Spring Sacrifice I was thirteen years old… Continue reading The Spring Sacrifice


Gecko, Gecko

I loved the prompt from Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook this week. The word lizard instantly brought to mind the ongoing chases and struggles my sister had with the geckos invading her apartment when she lived in Hawaii for a few years. She wasn't very fond of the geckos even though I thought they… Continue reading Gecko, Gecko

Random Sunday

Leaks, Shoes, and Kayaks

Leaks Boy has it been a wild week. Just trying to organize my thoughts for this week’s Random Sunday post is a challenge. Let me start with the pain in the behind stuff first. We discovered a massive leak in my basement above my patio door. Well, that’s where the plumbing from the kitchen runs.… Continue reading Leaks, Shoes, and Kayaks