Random Sunday

Another Sneak Peek: Scars

Hey everyone! I'd meant to have something more for you all today. However, I got a bit too wrapped up in cleaning my house. I needed to capitalize on the fact my hubby and son were home so I could put them to work as well. Instead, I'll give you one more little sneak peek… Continue reading Another Sneak Peek: Scars

Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 10

I'm back this Saturday with the next piece to Hunting the Hunted. I know I missed a bit over the holidays, things got rather busy. But, I'm getting back on track. So, if you still need to catch up with the rest of the story before reading on, click here to be taken to the… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 10

Book Reviews

A Kiss for Luck by Isa McLaren

No disclaimer for this book. I bought it fair and square. Now, on to the review. A Kiss for Luck, book one in the Art of Lying series, introduces us to Connie Munro. She’s your average office employee longing for a better life, a life of adventure, all while shopping at thrift stores and trying… Continue reading A Kiss for Luck by Isa McLaren

Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 9

Back again tonight with the next piece of Hunting the Hunted. Things are starting to get rather complicated for Emma. It's interesting to me to be writing a character in so far over her head. Anyway, if you've missed the previous parts, click here, or follow the menu option above to get the rest of… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 9

Book Reviews

Heavenfire by JK Allen

One more book review I am woefully late on. Finished this one back this summer and just getting to writing this now. Real short version if you don't have time to read the rest - get this book because you'll love it. Heavenfire Heavenfire, the second book in the Angelborn series by JK Allen. This… Continue reading Heavenfire by JK Allen