Hunting the Hunters

Hunting the Hunted Part 1

Welcome to the serial story, Hunting the Hunters. For some of you this may sound familiar as it is a resurrection of an old serial I had been working on years ago. It's time I got back to it, so I'm cleaning up and editing the old posts before finishing the story. Please let me… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 1

Book Reviews

Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada

Here’s my disclaimer—I have no disclaimers this time. See? I review books I buy, too *insert silly sarcasm tone*. On with the review. Summary Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada is a collection of poems around the idea that life is a roulette, thus random. Our feelings and reactions to life are, therefore, also unpredictable.… Continue reading Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada

Random Sunday

Reflections on a Road Trip

Wow. Where to start. I know I disappeared on y’all for a while. I needed to get away from everything. Life got to be too stressful, too overwhelming. I needed the break. While I’m not sure I’m 100% better, I’m in a better spot than where I was. That I know for certain. The Road… Continue reading Reflections on a Road Trip

Random Sunday

Time, Class Development, and Hyper-Focus

Time It amazes me how easily time gets away on me. I get so much of it is because I take on stuff that can end up overwhelming if I’m not careful. And I’m not always careful like I know I need to be. So, over the last couple weeks I ended up tired, pushing… Continue reading Time, Class Development, and Hyper-Focus