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Author Interview: TS Dickerson

Tonight I have an interview from the wonderful T.S. Dickerson for you. She is a several time published author who recently released her first book, The Scarring Underneath.  T.S. is the author of "Twice Made Vows" in the Mirrors & Thorns anthology. Here's what one reader had to say about her story: "Twice-Made Vows: Twice-Made… Continue reading Author Interview: TS Dickerson

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Author Interview: Särah Nour

I had the pleasure of interviewing many of the authors in the new Mirrors & Thorns Anthology. Tonight I want to introduce you to Särah Nour, author of Nova and Ember. Särah Nour is a Lebanese-American freelance journalist based in Fargo, North Dakota, currently working a day job as a substitute teacher. Her poetry has… Continue reading Author Interview: Särah Nour

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Book Release: Askew Communications

Askew Communications, the latest edition in the Askew Anthology series published by Rhetoric Askew will be available in print and e-book editions October 1, 2017. Team Askew would like to extend their warmest welcome to new and returning Askewmates. They say “we (Askewmates) have been through a lot together, and we've only just begun. This… Continue reading Book Release: Askew Communications

Book Reviews

King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology

Let me get two things out of the way before I start this book review.  First, I was given my copy of King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology for free in exchange for an honest review.  Second, I should have had this review up yesterday.  A preschooler with serious hay fever issues and a… Continue reading King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology