Random Sunday

Books and Catching Up

A Fantasy Christmas Oy, has it been a week. Before I get into that, I want to make sure to share an awesome new book release. A Fantasy Christmas is a collection of thirteen stories by thirteen amazing authors. All fantasy themed, this collection published by Fiction Atlas Press, A Fantasy Christmas is available today!… Continue reading Books and Catching Up

Other Randomness

Author Interview: Kerry E.B. Black

I've got another great author interview for you! Kerry E.B. Black is the author of "Young Blood" in the Mirrors & Thorns anthology. It is quite the creepy story, trust me. And get your copy to read it yourself. Here's a little about Kerry.  Kerry E.B. Black writes from a little house along the bank of… Continue reading Author Interview: Kerry E.B. Black

Other Randomness

Author Interview: J. Lee Strickland

I cannot believe December starts at the end of this week. Where has the year gone already?? While I work on getting myself back on track posting more regularly here, I've got another interview from one of my fellow Mirrors & Thorns authors, J. Lee Strickland. Author Bio J. Lee Strickland is a freelance writer… Continue reading Author Interview: J. Lee Strickland

Other Randomness

Author Interview: TS Dickerson

Tonight I have an interview from the wonderful T.S. Dickerson for you. She is a several time published author who recently released her first book, The Scarring Underneath.  T.S. is the author of "Twice Made Vows" in the Mirrors & Thorns anthology. Here's what one reader had to say about her story: "Twice-Made Vows: Twice-Made… Continue reading Author Interview: TS Dickerson