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Author Interview: Särah Nour

I had the pleasure of interviewing many of the authors in the new Mirrors & Thorns Anthology. Tonight I want to introduce you to Särah Nour, author of Nova and Ember. Särah Nour is a Lebanese-American freelance journalist based in Fargo, North Dakota, currently working a day job as a substitute teacher. Her poetry has… Continue reading Author Interview: Särah Nour

Random Sunday

Book Release, Whiplash, and Reading

Book Release Have I got a treat for you over the next couple weeks. I have a whole handful of author interviews and such to celebrate the release of an awesome new anthology from Catterfly Publishing and OWS Ink—Mirrors & Thorns. Yes, a story of mine is in the anthology, but there’s so much more… Continue reading Book Release, Whiplash, and Reading

Random Sunday

Reading, Writing, and Glasses

I have to admit – I have been bad lately at making sure I get to other blogs and read posts on those pages.  I am particularly thinking of the other authors who participate in the same prompts and challenges as I do.  So, if you are reading this and this applies to you, I… Continue reading Reading, Writing, and Glasses