Random Sunday

Food, Reading, and Middle School

My baby has had a big week over this last week. Lots of Random Sunday things about him this week. Yeah, I know, he’s not really a baby anymore, seeing as he’s going on eleven. I don’t think I can ever not think about him as the tiny squirmy bundle they handed me almost eleven… Continue reading Food, Reading, and Middle School

Random Sunday

People Watching, Bread, and Reading

People Watching We did our shopping at Costco and at Sam’s Club this weekend like normal and, let me tell you, the people watching there can be entertaining. No, I don’t laugh at or make fun of people. What I mean is paying attention to what people get and trying to make sense out of… Continue reading People Watching, Bread, and Reading

Random Sunday

Oops, Rejuvenation, and Reading

Oops Oops. I kind of boo-booed this weekend. It was so beautiful yesterday here we spent all afternoon outside doing yard work. The leaves desperately needed to be raked off my flowers. The tulips had come up a good eight inches through the leave and my peonies were almost a foot high through the leaves.… Continue reading Oops, Rejuvenation, and Reading

Other Randomness

Author Interview: Särah Nour

I had the pleasure of interviewing many of the authors in the new Mirrors & Thorns Anthology. Tonight I want to introduce you to Särah Nour, author of Nova and Ember. Särah Nour is a Lebanese-American freelance journalist based in Fargo, North Dakota, currently working a day job as a substitute teacher. Her poetry has… Continue reading Author Interview: Särah Nour

Random Sunday

Book Release, Whiplash, and Reading

Book Release Have I got a treat for you over the next couple weeks. I have a whole handful of author interviews and such to celebrate the release of an awesome new anthology from Catterfly Publishing and OWS Ink—Mirrors & Thorns. Yes, a story of mine is in the anthology, but there’s so much more… Continue reading Book Release, Whiplash, and Reading