Random Sunday

Busyness, Watercolors, and Netflix

Busyness of Life Man, I had a lot going on around here. Yes, that is some of the reason these posts are rather sporadic again. The biggest change to blame for that is my husband got moved to second shift. He had been working third, which worked well with our schedule and life. However, suddenly,… Continue reading Busyness, Watercolors, and Netflix

Other Randomness

Really, Life? Did You Have to?

    Oh, man. I am done with some of this. Every time I try to pull things together. Really focus on writing more here, working on other writing projects. Every time I try to work on learning new skills for graphic design and layout. Every. Time. Something happens to throw that off. Earlier this… Continue reading Really, Life? Did You Have to?

Random Sunday

Busy, Our Write Side, and Water

Busy I know, I know—it’s Monday, but with Father’s Day yesterday and trying to finish the remodel of my son’s room, things got crazy yesterday. My son has been needing more time and attention lately as well. Not sure what that’s about, but he takes priority over writing so I’ve been giving him more attention.… Continue reading Busy, Our Write Side, and Water