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Really, Life? Did You Have to?



Oh, man. I am done with some of this. Every time I try to pull things together. Really focus on writing black-and-white-busy-cameras-735795.jpgmore here, working on other writing projects. Every time I try to work on learning new skills for graphic design and layout. Every. Time. Something happens to throw that off. Earlier this year was my program director leaving and me stepping into that role. Before that it’s been kidney stones, figuring out the schedule for my kid going to kindergarten, or I don’t even remember anymore what it was. Things came up though.


aerial-blog-blogger-990819This time? Only a Department of Human Services licensing audit at work. You know, the state agency that allows us to operate at all. Yeah. They came out to check up on how we’re doing. These audits happen about every three years. The real fun part? They give us about a two to three-month window and say they’ll arrive sometime within that timeframe. Seriously. And this time? They only threw major fits over how we’re licensed and claimed there is no way we should be operating as we are. Even better yet? They’ve licensed us this way for around twelve years. Why on this green earth are they throwing a fit now??? For the record, I still don’t have an answer to that and I did ask.


But, I do have some good news for y’all. There are several great books I’ll be featuring over the next week or so. They range from history books to poetry and other things in between. Plus, I have an awesome Facebook party to invite y’all to. It’s for the release of a cool poetry anthology I am a part of. I’d love it if you’d stop by to say hi. Stay a while and there’ll be chances at prizes.


So, I’m not going to say I’ll get better at posting or how things are going better. I think that jinxes things when I do. Instead I’ll just say I am still here. If I disappear for a little while, it’s because of the craziness that is my life. But, as the good book says, Don’t Panic.




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