100 Word Challenge: Disaster

Hey, y'all! How's it going? This week's 100 Word Challenge from Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook feels rather apropos for me - my life kinda feels like a disaster right now. Not that things are going bad, per se, just crazy and never enough time to be organized or anything and it's driving my ADHD… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Disaster


100 Word Challenge: Homemade

Hey, y'all. I've got my response to the 100 Word Challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook done this week. Here's your fair warning--there's been a lot of stress going on in my life and this response reflects a little of what's been going on. Our challenge word this week was homemade. I give you: Finding… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Homemade


100 Word Challenge: Listen

Here is tonight's offering for the 100 Challenge Tara Roberts puts on over at Thin Spiral Notebook. She gave us the word listen and exactly 100 words for our response, no more and no less. This prompt was a particularly powerful one for me as a counselor because so much of what I do is… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Listen

Book Reviews

Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada

Here’s my disclaimer—I have no disclaimers this time. See? I review books I buy, too *insert silly sarcasm tone*. On with the review. Summary Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada is a collection of poems around the idea that life is a roulette, thus random. Our feelings and reactions to life are, therefore, also unpredictable.… Continue reading Roulette of Rhymes by JD Estrada