Random Sunday

Reading, Writing, and Glasses

I have to admit – I have been bad lately at making sure I get to other blogs and read posts on those pages.  I am particularly thinking of the other authors who participate in the same prompts and challenges as I do.  So, if you are reading this and this applies to you, I am sorry.  I am working on improving this.  I promise.  I am shifting my writing schedule in the next couple weeks to make additional time to ensure I get that time.  At least until NaNo starts.  Then I’ll likely fall of the face of the writing world for a while.  We’ll see.

Speaking of writing, I am so excited!  I have two short stories coming out in anthologies being published next month.  These are the first pieces I will have published ever.  Well, I had one poem published in a college magazine – not the lit magazine but a different campus publication – when I was doing my undergrad.  I turned it in as part of an assignment and my professor asked me if I would let him put it in this publication.  I didn’t get paid for it at all and only certain people even had access to the publication.  That’s why I don’t really count that one.  Now I get to dive into the world of marketing!

I need new glasses.  Thankfully I have an eye appointment coming up soon.  The fun part for me is that only one eye is bad.  The other, at least last time I went in, is near perfect vision.  This makes it rather odd when I notice my prescription has changed.  I can still see, but it is this weird mix of seeing just fine and not being able to see clearly all at once.  Not sure how else to describe it, other than it is a headache – figuratively and literally.  I need my new glasses…

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