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Character Spotlight: Kelpies

Good evening! I have to apologize as I should have had this up earlier today. Darn day job interfering with writerly stuff. Grrr. Anyway, I’ve got a great character spotlight for you today courtesy of Rebekah Jonesy and her upcoming book, Moss and Clay. I’ll let her tell you about this less familiar mythological creature that plays a significant role in the book. Follow the link above or click on the cover below to pre-order.

A kelpie is a carnivorous shape shifter that usually takes on the form of a horse. Also called water horses or water kelpies they are said to stay near bodies of water where they lure unsuspecting children and young men into attempting to ride them. But that is the trap. Once you touch a kelpie you cannot let go.

Despite this horrific myth about child eating monsters, Scotland still loves its kelpies. And in fact recently built the world’s largest equine statue to honor them. Amusingly enough they made the statue so that people can go inside it.horse-head-1927603_1920


But horses stopped being used as much and a riderless horse was sure to draw attention. The kelpies, not nearly so vicious as the old stories made them out to be, did not want the attention. Which is why the would bite at children and others foolish enough to grab them. Like most carnivores they did not want to be bothered by other predators such as humans. Especially when humans tasted so bad.

So the kelpies learned to make themselves smaller when men were around. A black dog, even a large black dog, running around on its own attracted little notice. Their smaller sizes had a few added bonuses. Children knew not to grab at a strange dog, because it irish-wolfhound-85578_1920might bite you. No one tried climbing on their backs while they were sleeping or throwing iron laced bridles on their heads. And their smaller size made it so the magic that seeped out of them in green or red vapors was rarely seen.

Kelpies could once again travel freely about the lands. Changing size at will or need. And they could go back to their peaceful pack ways, only attacking humans when they deserved it. Because even though kelpies might look like dogs, they still had their pride as fae. And no fae will tolerate an insult. Just ask the Baskervilles.

As a special treat, get the free prequel story here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/g7cjknwe9p

Rebekah Jonesy knows stuff about things and isn’t afraid to talk and write about it. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of all trades, and military spouse. Inside the literary world she is a devourer of books, publisher, and mentor.
“Rebekah has the best kind of rabies”- JD Estrada

You can follow author Rebekah Jonesy at Twitter, Facebook, join her reader’s group, or her blog Heart Strong.

And of course you can find her books here for the free prequel to Mab’s Doll or grab your copy of the first book of the series, Moss and Clay

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