A. Mississippiensis

I’m excited one of my favorite prompts is back. Granted, it’s been a while since I participated, but I still love this one. In her 100 Word Challenge, Tara Roberts gives us a one-word prompt. Then we get 100 words to write something in response. We can use the given word, but don’t have to. This week we got the word Nest. Here’s my response:

Dark and damp, piled high.DSC_0562

Detritus from The River of Grass

Seeping ever southward

Collected by el lagarto to become

An incubator.

The genesis of a new generation

Thirty-seven million years

In the making.


A guardian ten feet long

And armor-plated becomes

The progenitor to the next

Engineers sculpting the land.

Creating homes, spurring growth

In flora and fauna all around;

A fragile balance maintained.


Tiny creatures six inches longDSC_0302

Emerge from

The mountain of debris

Still protected by the presence

Of a dinosaur.

They are prey for all around.

But given time, they become

Rulers of all they see.


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