The Day the World Changed

Back again, later than planned, but I’m here. It’s time for my weekly response to Tara Roberts’ 100 Word Challenge. This time we had the word Pink. It took me a bit longer to come up with the answer for this one. When I did, it got a bit more personal than some of my other responses. Anyways, please enjoy my latest poem, The Day the World Changed.

For so long I’d waited for you,
dreamed about you.
As that day drew near
my heart swelled.
Then those words came.
“There’s a problem.”

Chaos ensued.

The whirlwind of what came next
spun me ‘round.
I no longer knew which way was up.

Machines beeped.
Medicine coursed through my veins.
In and out they came
Things look good.
Wait, no they don’t.
Another room.
More medicine
until I couldn’t feel at all.

In mere moments,
there you were.
Sticky and blue.
Seconds turned to hours
minutes to days.
With a tiny cry that rocked the room
you turned pink.


Let me know what you think and be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see other excellent writings from this prompt!

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