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My sister spent four years out in Hawaii going to school. During that time we learned some interesting stories and pieces of Hawaiian culture. This culture still fascinates me with their stories and histories. So, while I borrow just a little from the culture for this story, my intention is to do so in a way that is reminiscent of the stories, but still respecting the culture. Between my short research into this particular Hawaiian deity and the prompt “poison” from Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook, I give you-


Image from Pixaby (This image is not meant to represent Kalaipahoa. It is simply shown as a beautiful representation of Hawaiian art).

He grinned as he slipped the small vial in his pocket. It held the answer to all his problems, of that he felt certain. After all, they deserved it. How could they have done what they did? Reduced to a mere footnote in mythology? And of a pantheon almost forgotten by all but a few?

The small, twisted man would remind them why he had once been feared. Why even Pele herself used caution around him. Then he would be remembered again as a powerful and mighty god. As a god to be feared and revered lest he be angered.


Be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook for other answers to this prompt!

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